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Hummingbird on Bird of Paradise Music Box
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Hummingbird on Bird of Paradise Music Box

The Hummingbird on Bird of Paradise Music Box is a wonderful reminder of exotic places. Hand-crafted from green wood with a high-gloss finish this exquisite inlaid box features a colorful hummingbird flying over a striking bird of paradise all surrounded by a decorative border. This box is available in both musical and non-musical options and you can choose from the pre-selected list of songs to customize it. In addition to the ornate detailing on the lid this box includes golden feet and a ring insert and comes packed in a protective bag and gift box. This exotic box is truly a gift to remember.Based in California MDS Prestige makes high-quality jewelry boxes music boxes and a wide selection of other fine gifts. All pieces are hand-crafted by talented designers and manufacturers and are made with an attention to detail which shows through in every aspect. Each item is made from genuine materials like real hardwoods and inlays and painted designs are done by hand. Ideal for gift-giving MDS Prestige pieces are destined to become family heirlooms.
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