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Hummingbird Wreath
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Hummingbird Wreath

This product is designed for indoor use away from direct sunlight direct heat humidity or moisture. To preserve its appearance please avoid displaying in areas where these conditions are present. By following these easy guidelines you will have a maintenance-free product that adds plenty of seasonal charm.Floral Treasure grows a variety of flowers eucalyptus herbs and grains. Designers create unique and beautiful floral arrangements using flowers that Floral Treasure harvested. The company oversees 65 acres of lush flower fields with 13 greenhouses to preserve dry and treat all of the flowers used in their designs. Floral Treasures also has a silk floral division with pre-made designs available. The company has also added an upscale line of pre-made floral designs using preserved roses and hydrangeas. All of their designs are timeless and appealing.
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