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Hunington Reclining Sofa
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Hunington Reclining Sofa

The Huntington reclining sofa set features a traditional design that is manufactured with the highest quality components like eight-gauge steel framing and springs right down to the kiln-dried hardwood. It is covered in 100 percent polyester suede that ensures comfort. All the fabrics are inspected to the highest degree to guarantee that not only are they infinitely comfortable but also that they have the durability to last a lifetime. You can add optional pieces such as the rocker recliner to give your living room the complete look you desire.Each recliner is engineered for optimum ease and smoothness of motion. The recliner operates on an angle iron Rail System that provides stability and reliability so you can relax while fully reclined. The handle mechanism is activated by a unique spring-loaded system that is mounted flush with the outside arm and is positioned comfortably at arms reach so you're not searching for any protruding parts or levers.
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