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Hunter Teak Coffee Table
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Hunter Teak Coffee Table

Featuring a simple rustic design crafted entirely from reclaimed medium-tone teakwood the Hunter Teak Coffee Table is the ideal place to store knickknacks play a card game or enjoy a quick snack. Its sturdy rectangular tabletop is constructed from interlocked planks of aged teak and the four thick teakwood legs supporting the tabletop are connected with two side beams and a center beam for sturdiness and durability. The Hunter Teak Coffee Table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.All AdenWorks Ltd. furniture is crafted from strong long-lasting Burmese teak and treated with two layers of waterproof stain. Remarkably dense and high in natural oils Burmese teak resists rot to wear more evenly and slowly than the lightweight plantation wood common in most modern teak furniture. Teak's superior grain patterns create a rich uniquely textured appearance that will add beauty to any home decor for decades to come.AdenWorks Ltd. is a wholesale company which specializes in unique high-quality teak furniture and accessories. It uses the finest materials and workmanship to ensure that its furniture is durable beautiful and can be passed down to future generations. With indoor and outdoor lines available in all types of styles AdenWorks Ltd. is sure to offer the perfect pieces for your home or garden. Its selection and style is second to none.
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