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Hunters 8-Day Musical Cuckoo Clock
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Hunters 8-Day Musical Cuckoo Clock

Perfect for the hunter in you! The Hunters 8-Day Musical Cuckoo Clock sports a classic design with two rifles a deer head and oak leaves. A hunter's horn frames the round clock face while a hunting bag hangs below. Young girls and boys move in and out of the balcony above as the clock alternately plays 'Edelweiss' and 'The Happy Wanderer' on the hour and half-hour. Hand-crafted in Germany from Black Forest linden wood this cuckoo clock is finished in warm brown tones and boasts an authentic traditional design. Stylized Roman numerals and scrolled hands in white add to the clock's rustic look. It also offers a convenient nighttime shutoff feature. A hand-carved cuckoo nestled in a window at the top makes a musical appearance every hour. To enjoy accurate timekeeping for years to come simply wind the clock once every eight days by pulling down the decorative pinecone weights.
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