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Wellington 6.25-ft. Vinyl Wall Trellis - White
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Wellington 6.25-ft. Vinyl Wall Trellis - White

Show your decorating style. Three distinctive areas of this trellis make for an attractive addition to your garden. Even unadorned with plants the Wellington Trellis is an elegant element of your landscaping. Use two three or more to create a gorgeous border on your property.This trellis is made from tough and durable PVC vinyl that has a 20-year warranty. Virtually maintenance-free all you need to do is remove old growth and rinse it off when needed.Put a decorator's touch in your garden or patio with the Wellington Trellis.About Dura-Trel Inc.Durability versatility reliability and quality. These are the cornerstones of Dura-Trel's commitment to you. Our lawn and garden selections are an unbeatable and maintenance-free enhancement that can help transform the outdoors from average to outstanding. As you would expect from a national corporation with over 25 years of experience like ours we offer competitive pricing and quick delivery. But we also have something our competitors don't - a custom production process that blends the efficiency of large-scale manufacturing with the time-honored qualities of hand-crafting traditions.
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