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Hurlingham Croquet Set
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Hurlingham Croquet Set

An elite competition set for the connoisseur of croquet! Since the quality and craftsmanship of equipment is a deciding factor in a game of croquet special care has been taken to make sure the Hurlingham Set matches the world championship standards.A beautiful cabinet-style solid mahogany box with solid brass fittings houses the set which includes equipment for up to four players. Besides a complete set of game rules and instructions the set comes with the comprehensive 'Croquet: The Complete Guide' by Anton Gill to help you hone your skill to perfection.This premium Jaques croquet set consists of the following pieces of world championship quality equipment:2 Laser Tuftex L.V. mallets2 Colonial mallets2 Association malletsFull set of 4 matched Eclipse championship balls in carrying caseAssociation hoops and drillChampionship flagsCroquet clips4-color winning postYard line pegsBall markersHoop smasherOne of the finest croquet sets designed for the professional player the Hurlingham will be cherished as an heirloom.
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