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Hyde Park Outdoor Storage Bench
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Hyde Park Outdoor Storage Bench

Every deck or outdoor area can use some extra seating and storage and the Hyde Park Outdoor Storage Bench is an excellent choice. Crafted of durable shorea this box opens to reveal a roomy storage area. It features a warm finish with attractive lines. It's also great for extra seating on your patio or deck. At 51 inches long this deck box makes a great addition to your outdoor living space. Easy assembly.About Shorea WoodShorea is possibly the best wood choice for outdoor furniture. Related to Burma teak this hardwood grows naturally and plentifully in the Pacific Rim countries making it considerably less expensive than teak. Because shorea is dense heavy and hard and contains an abundance of natural oils it is highly resistant to rot bug infestation weather and marring.Shorea is strong and weather-resistant enough to be left untreated. If left untreated each piece will weather to a nice shade of gray. The weathering process will change the color but the grain will still be smooth. You may treat each piece with Teak Oil to prolong weathering. Each piece is durable classic and elegant.An Eco-Friendly ChoiceWe realize the importance of preserving our environment. Regulations on harvesting shorea wood promote the sustainability of the species and encourage responsible practices for the sake of conservation. Shorea trees are not allowed to be harvested until they reach a certain size which allows younger trees to grow and reproduce. When you purchase furniture made of shorea wood you're not only getting a piece of great quality and durability but you're also contributing to the wise use of natural wood resources.
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