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Hydrangea Bird Bath
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Hydrangea Bird Bath

The Hydrangea Birdbath by Burley Clay Products Company (top: 17Diam. x 2.75H inches pedestal: 10.5Diam. x 10.5H inches) features floral-leaf carvings designed by Pam Ballard. This clay birdbath is inspired by the English countryside and will look great in any garden.Burley Clay encourages successful gardening by including a free garden card designed and illustrated by Pam Ballard with each of the Pam Ballard Collection products. Each card is based on the theme of the birdbath it accompanies and includes a complete garden layout and plant list using the purchased pieces as a focal point. Also included are container garden planting suggestions for the matching planter.The Burley Clay Products Company started producing large stoneware crocks and jugs in 1923. In 1933 the company switched focus to the production of birdbaths and garden pottery. The products are made in the U.S.A. and are manufactured using a unique blend of the finest clay from southeastern Ohio mines. This area is world-famous for its stoneware clay and Burley Clay mixes produce the strongest most attractive stoneware in the world. In 2003 Burley Clay re-designed its garden products. The birdbaths and larger products are made by the rarely used method of jiggering. It takes an artisan many years to learn how to do this and the knowledge is usually passed down through families.
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