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Jura Capresso 13333 Impressa J5 Coffee/Espresso- Piano White
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Jura Capresso 13333 Impressa J5 Coffee/Espresso- Piano White

Modern technology and professional quality come together with beautiful style in the Jura Capresso Impressa J5 automatic brewing station. Its piano white finish metallic sides and chrome accents will make a striking statement of form and function in any kitchen. With the push of a button coffee is ground tamped and brewed cold milk is heated and frothed and your drink is expertly finished with a thick layer of crema. Electronic sensors conveniently monitor water tank and whole bean levels and the 24-hour programmable clock allows you to have coffee espresso or specialty drinks ready anytime.LED Display and One-Touch Buttons: Functions and settings are easy to adjust and clearly displayed on the easy-view 10-digit LED display. Cup size displays in ounces or milliliters and instructions can be displayed five languages (English French Italian German and Dutch). An illuminated rotary dial allows you to individually program coffee and hot water/steam temperature cup size brew strength and steam/froth duration as well as override options without changing the presets. Choose mild normal strong or extra-strong brew strength. Six one-touch buttons easily prepare one or two espressos one or two crema coffees hot water or steam. The 24-hour digital clock/timer includes auto-on and auto-off features and can be programmed to have coffee ready at a set time or set to a special energy-saving mode. All buttons are located on the middle and top of the machine.Commercial-Quality Burr Grinder: Choose from six fineness settings for any type of coffee bean and the Impressa F5s integrated stainless steel conical grinder will do the rest. The grinders low-noise construction allows for quiet operation in any environment. Never make a weak cup of coffee again - an invisible beam inside the machine senses the amount of beans in the nine-ounce bean container and reminds you to refill before its empty. For pre-ground coffee simply use the sensor-activated pre-ground funnel system. Variable Brewing Chamber: The variable brewing chamber automatically adjusts to hold between five and 16 grams of coffee perfectly tamping each freshly ground batch in seconds. Coffee grounds are evenly moistened and conditioned through a two-step pre-infusion cycle then brewed with a high-pressure 18-bar power pump for maximum flavor extraction. Each drink is finished with a thick layer of crema which traps the coffees lightest flavors and most subtle aromatics. Brew up to 45 espressos at a time with the large 71-ounce removable water container. The Impressa J5s ceramic valve brewing technology shortens the flow of coffee between the brewing chamber and cup resulting in hotter coffee with more crema.Dual Frother and frothXpress Plus Systems: Froth and steam smaller amounts of milk with the Dual Frother Plus. This fast easy-to-use manual system features two settings: Latte (steamed milk) and Cappuccino (steamed and frothed milk). Simply immerse the Dual Frother Plus wand into your milk pitcher and push the steam button - your milk is ready in seconds. Push the steam button again to stop. When you want to steam and froth larger amounts of milk use the fully automatic frothXpress Plus system. Cold milk is automatically siphoned from the milk container then combined with hot steam delivering frothed milk directly into your cappuccino cup or frothed and steamed milk into your latte cup. The programmable steam button and rotary dial allow you to adjust steaming/frothing time volume and even temperature.ThermoBlock Heating Systems: The Impressa J5 features a state-of-the-art 1450-watt ThermoBlock heating system so its always ready to brew coffee and steam milk - no downtime required! Water never touches any internal aluminum components during the heating process eliminating unpleasant taste transfer.CLEARYL Water Care System: The CLEARYL system guarantees better-tasting coffee by removing impurities like chlorine lead aluminum and copper. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and eliminates decalcifying altogether. To make sure you always have the best water possible an electronic cartridge inside the filtering system indicates when it needs changing.Automatic Cleaning Cycles: When the Impressa J5 is turned on or off an automatic hot water rinse cycle activates to clean and preheat all of the machines vital brewing components. The automatic cleaning cycle indicator prevents coffee oil buildup and rancid residue in the brew chamber and the LED display gives clear instructions for the 15-minute automated tablet cleaning program which will generate an automatic cleaning reminder after approximately 200 brew cycles. Best of all no inner parts need to be removed for any cleaning process ensuring effortless reliable operation for years to come.The machine is completed with push-button brewing area illumination and height- and width-adjustable butterfly style dual coffee spouts ideal for accommodating almost any size cup container or mug. A combination of Capressos renowned design and state-of-the-art technology the Jura Capresso Impressa J5 is an innovative practical and stylish addition to any high-tech kitchen.About CapressoLaunched in 1994 Capresso provides innovative coffee equipment for professionals and home users alike. In 2002 Capresso merged with Jura AG a company founded in 1931 in Switzerland. Together Jura Capresso began to introduce the finest automatic coffee centers to the U.S. market. With friendly high-tech features like one-touch operation interchangeable frothers LED displays and high-pressure brewing Jura Capresso coffee machines have quickly become leaders in the industry. Through new patented designs their machines are constantly evolving to make it a pleasure for you to create delicious coffee with ease. Jura Capresso machines are beautifully designed to look great on your countertop and are made with high-quality materials that are engineered for years of reliable performance.
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