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Leupold RX-IV 8x28 Laser Rangefinder with True Ballistic Range - Mossy Oak Camo
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Leupold RX-IV 8x28 Laser Rangefinder with True Ballistic Range - Mossy Oak Camo

Make your extreme long-range shooting more accurate with the Leupold RX-IV 8x28 Laser Rangefinder With True Ballistic Range in exclusive mossy oak camouflage finish a valuable long-range shooting tool. Accurate range in the field can mean the difference between a hit or a miss. The RX-IV is accurate to 1500 yards and does more than deliver the straight-line distance; the True Ballistic Range feature is accurate to 800 yards and provides accurate aiming information matched to the performance of your rifle or bow. The RX-IV uses a built-in inclinometer to calculate the ballistics range to your target and then displays it as a holdover aim point an MOA adjustment or the equivalent horizontal distance. No other rangefinder does so much to help you make the shot of a lifetime.The RX-IV is packed with multiple customizable features and functions. The Match 13 Reticle System is one of the most customizable features of your RX-IV rangefinder. With it you will always have fast access to each of the 13 reticles so you always have the right reticle for any situation. Each reticle is availsnow despite the uncertain early-dawn light you can see individual feathers on the bird's head ruffling in the biting wind. The Ultravids are performing as they always have; flawlessly through tropical downpours howling gales in equatorial dust bowls across frozen tundra. That really is something - your first Snowy! The handy binocularThe new 32 mm HD models stand out not because of their extreme compactness but also their new HD lenses which gives them increased high-performance. LEICA ULTRAVID 8 x 32 HD High-performance binocular with 32 mm objective lens diameter 8 x magnification and a large field of view of 135 m allows for a great overview and steadiness of image. This binocular is the new reference class for those seeking minimal weight yet maximum optical performance. Even extreme cold cannot keep the robust Ultravids from delivering the ultimate viewing experience : the new focusing mechanism on the Leica Ultravid HD models works with high-performance Teflon disks and almost no lubrication. This ensures constant smooth focusing - even at temperatures as low as -25° where other binoculars would surely fail. Fluoride lenses With the help of new fluoride (FL) glass in Leica HD models the color fidelity and contrast of images is further improved. Optical FL lenses are to a large part made up of calcium fluoride a mineral with a crystalline structure. Unlike conventional optical lenses this creates a very low level of dispersion (light scattering) and corrects aberration (imaging errors) significantly better. So as a result the viewing experience is more natural and impressive than it has ever been before. Imitating nature : Leica AquaDuraTM The models of binocular and spotting scopes with the new HD lenses are now fitted with Leica AquaDuraTM a hydrophobic coating which with its water and dirtrepelling properties ensures clear visibility even in poor weather conditions. As with the leaves of the lotus plant droplets of rain simply roll off the lens and fingerprints and dirt particles are much easier to remove. In addition thanks to its increased abrasion resistance Leica AquaDuraTM will protect your valuable lenses from damage even more effectively. Increased light transmission As a result of constant development of antireflex coating and reflective layer on the prisms it has been possible to increase the previously already very high level of transmission on all HD models by at least a further 3 %. Especially in poor lighting conditions such as twilight image brightness is crucial. If you then optimize the coating especially for its suitability at nighttime with conventional lenses this is then only at the expense of color neutrality which is a drawback for daytime viewing - the image can appear to have a blue tint. If you do it the other way round the result can be a green tint. The new Leica HD range now reliably combines an optimum degree of image brightness with a constant level of color neutrality. Excellent image quality - even in awkward light conditions Stray or false light can significantly reduce the viewing experience. To eliminate this effectively Leica is taking a great number of steps which in awkward sidelighting and backlighting situations in particular ensure a high-resolution clear image without any reduction in contrast or constraints due to milky fogging. Specially developed software simulation allows stray light to be seen during development stage. Consequently thanks to an optimized housing shape improved light-absorbing paint apertures and stray light traps the construction of the new HD models have been optimized to such a degree that stray light is (almost) no longer of any significance. Because after all you cannot select the position of the sun when you are observing nature. Consistently smooth focusing - whatever the temperature The mechanics for the Ultravid HD focusing have been further refined. As a result focusing is even smoother and remains free of play across the entire range. Optimized material pairings and gliding discs made from extremely tough high-performance plastic are used. In cold conditions the conventional greased focusing mechanisms sometimes only work with difficulty and at higher temperatures they move too freely. Furthermore these focusing mechanisms can feel sticky and at higher temperatures there is even the danger that grease can escape and run on the lens. With the optimized Leica focus these risks have been eliminated.
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