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Linear Magazine Rack
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Linear Magazine Rack

The Linear Magazine Rack offers the ultimate in modern style combined with environmentally sound materials and construction methods. Update the look of your living space in an instant with this stylish rack featuring minimalist lines and a unique aesthetic that will draw the eye. This rack is made from two pieces of wood and requires no tools or hardware for assembly - simply slide the pieces together. It's constructed of SmartWood which is a plywood made from real birch wood harvested in North America from renewable resources. As often occurs with real wood furniture there is some natural variation in the grain that is desirable and makes each piece unique. Naturally finished edges enhance the look. This magazine rack is available in your choice of colors; all finishes are 100% non-toxic eco-friendly and water-based. The finish is also UV-cured to minimize the production of greenhouse gases during manufacturing. This item is formaldehyde-free and made in the United States. It comes complete with a 90-day manufacturing warranty against defects and a lifetime structural guarantee. Shipped flat to conserve packaging and reduce waste.Caring for your magazine rackProperly cared for your Linear Magazine Rack will last for years. To keep clean simply wipe with a clean damp cloth and use furniture polish as needed. Because your table is made from real wood nicks and scratches can be touched up with a furniture pencil. In extreme cases you may strip sand and re-stain as you would any piece of quality furniture.What is FSC Certification?This piece carries the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ecolabel which ensures that the wood has been independently certified as meeting the standards set by the FSC for environmentally responsible forestry. No materials or procedures used in the creation of this item interfere with the health of the environment or its inhabitants.About InModernAt InModern every piece of furniture is made from genuine real wood using environmentally friendly methods. These truly unique one-of-a-kind pieces are meant for use in contemporary homes and feature superior quality that will enhance your living space. At InModern the goal is to produce pieces you love using methods you can feel good about supporting. InModern is a brand of the Simple Furniture Company a privately-held company and member of 1% For the Planet - companies that donate 1% of their annual earnings toward environmental causes.
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