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Meade #825 8x25mm Right-Angle Viewfinder for ETX Telescopes
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Meade #825 8x25mm Right-Angle Viewfinder for ETX Telescopes

View more comfortably!The Meade #825 8x25mm Right-Angle Viewfinder takes the kinks out! Included as standard-equipment on the Meade ETX-105 and Meade ETX-125 telescopes it permits a comfortable 90 viewing position. It's offered as an accessory for 90mm ETX telescope models as well to ensure comfortable viewing. The finder's wide-angle 7.5 actual field facilitates object-location. Precise focusing of the image is accomplished with a helicoid mechanism. The right-angle viewfinder fits into the same bracket as the 8x21mm finder supplied with the ETX90 telescope. (for the ETX 70 you will want the #827 Viewfinder)Viewfinder Alignment We recommend you perform this procedure - in numerical order - during daylight hours. 1. Insert a low-magnification eyepiece into the main telescope's eyepiece holder. 2. Point the main telescope at a distant sign or utility pole and center the object in the main telescope's eyepiece. 3. Look into the Viewfinder and adjust the positioning screws located on the viewfinder's bracket cell until the object is centered in the crosshairs of the viewfinder's eyepiece. When centering is accomplished your viewfinder and telescope are properly aligned.
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