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Plastic Raised Toilet Seat with Arms & Lock
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Plastic Raised Toilet Seat with Arms & Lock

The Plastic Raised Toilet Seat with Arms and Lock offers both a raised seat and arms for stability. The ideal combination this toilet seat raises the seat height by 5 inches as well as provides sturdy broad arms to assist in sitting and standing. For added stability this toilet seat features a locking mechanism which secures the seat to the bowl. Made of polyurethane this toilet seat is easy to clean and durable.About Mabis DMI Healthcare ProductsMabis Healthcare is a recognized leader servicing the acute non-acute professional long-term care and home healthcare markets. Duro-Med Industries has built a solid reputation in the home healthcare industry as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of the most comprehensive line of durable medical products. Together these companies offer over 5000 of the finest quality healthcare products available.Mabis DMI is driven by a genuine interest in customers and their well-being. Fostering innovation teamwork and a customer driven philosophy Mabis DMI are continually evolving to be at the forefront of the healthcare market. Product development is a user-driven process with each item being customer evaluated regarding size style color and more before being added to the product line.To maintain its position as an industry leader MABIS DMI will continue to create quality products promote innovative ideas and progressive services and support the customer with knowledgeable staff.
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