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Playcraft 8' Redding Zoom  Air Hockey Table
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Playcraft 8' Redding Zoom Air Hockey Table

With overhead scoring and a whopping 3700 plus air holes the Redding Zoom 8e is the equal of any arcade air hockey table. Overhead electric scoring is complete with crowd cheer sound effects when you score.Choose from 10 20 or 30 minute periods as well as free play and overtime for dynamic game play.Traditional arcade styling will bring a thrilling and nostalgic feel to your game room.Twin heavy duty air fan motors create a cushion of air that assures the puck will stay in motion.Playing surface is slick hard mica with a high gloss laminate for high speed action.The table is built with high quality MDF for ultimate durability even under heavy use.Solid pedestal legs provide stability and have duck feet levelers to ensure a level playing surface.Fold-away cup holders on both sides will keep refreshments right on hand.Includes four 3-inch arcade pucks and two hollow plastic paddles.Playing surface is full size at 98 by 49 inches.Welcome a true arcade table into your game room for a nostalgic feel and countless hours of high level air hockey play. Go ahead and order today.
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