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Pleated Ottoman Cushion
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Pleated Ottoman Cushion

The following are the size choices for this ottoman cushion. Notice that the overall measurements are very similar. You will need to carefully measure the length and width of your ottoman to determine what size you need.22W x 22L inches22W x 20L inches20W x 18L inches20W x 20L inchesThis cushion is offered in a wide range of patterns to accommodate your new furniture or to replace your existing cushions. Measurements shown are indicating width the same as the width of the chair from arm to arm and length as the length of the ottoman from where it meets the chair seat. Please measure carefully as these cushions are made to order. These cushions are designed for use outdoors but in order to prolong the life of the cushion we recommend that you bring it in or protect it from the elements when not in use. All fabrics are treated to resist mildew. However mildew is created by the presence of dirt combined with the prolonged exposure to moisture without proper drying. A regular cleaning program consisting of hosing down the cushions and allowing to completely dry in open air and sunlight will enhance the appearance and life of the cushions. Spot clean stains with a mild detergent and water solution.Please remember that each of these cushions is made to order. Be sure to see our return policy by clicking the Return Policy link before you order.
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