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Plum Creek Adirondack Ottoman
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Plum Creek Adirondack Ottoman

The Plum Creek Adirondack Ottoman has traditional Adirondack appeal and fits beautifully with some of the other Plum Creek Adirondack pieces. It is constructed of cypress wood which is the best wood for outdoor use. Cypress is extremely strong and rot-resistant and it naturally repels insects. You'll have four finish options to choose from all of which are light enough that the wood's natural beauty can show through. Built to take a beating this ottoman has a 150-pound weight capacity. Some simple assembly is required.About Cypress WoodCypress is a beautiful distinctive and durable wood that assures years of trouble-free satisfaction and its uses reflect that. In addition to rugged outdoor furniture cypress is regularly used in building construction posts beams decks docks porch flooring greenhouses and siding. Because of its durability cypress can be used in many of the same products as cedar and redwood. The reason for this durability is natural preservative oil known as cypressine which gives the wood resistance to insect attack and rot.Cypress is all but indestructible. It is a close-grain wood that resists checking and warping and it is long-lasting as well as weather-resistant. Cypress can be easily painted and it holds paint longer than other wood. If you choose to paint this product you should use an exterior oil-based primer (white or gray) followed by an exterior oil or latex paint of your choice. If you choose to have the product remain natural you should apply a natural oil-based stain or preservative annually or as needed. Note: Cypress is a dense wood and the drying process may take several days depending on humidity and temperature. Small cracks called weather checking may appear in the wood. This is a natural process and will not affect the useful life of this product.
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