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Pluto Barstool
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Pluto Barstool

The Pluto Barstool has a little touch of '50s throwback combined with a lot of modern attitude. Distinctly different in design this unique stool features a steel base finished in shiny chrome plus a vinyl seat with a comfortable curved back and cut-out. The seat adjusts in height from 25.5 to 32.5 inches and swivels to accommodate various seating arrangements. The metal foot rung adds just a touch of extra style and comfort. This stool is easy to maintain; simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth and use vinyl treatments as necessary. Some assembly is required.DimensionsSeat height: 25.5 to 32.5 inchesTotal height with back: 33.5 to 38.5 inchesWidth: 13 inches at top 19.9 inches at baseSeat depth (back to front): 15.5 inchesTotal depth (back to front) with base: 18 inchesAbout Zuo ModernZuo Modern designs products with a simple philosophy in mind: clean modern shapes combined with classic colors. All Zuo Modern products are put through rigorous processes to ensure quality materials and production ensuring that your item reaches you in top condition. Yet Zuo pieces are modestly priced for today's consumers. Zuo works to inspire a sense of value and worth along with the significance of aesthetics. If it passes the wow this feels solid test along with the this looks amazing and the what a great price test you know it's a Zuo product.
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