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Pod Stool
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Pod Stool

The Zuo Modern Pod Stool is a small seating piece with a quirky contemporary visual punch! This high-end stool features fine construction of a sturdy ABS frame with a canvas cushion; it is available in a choice of orange or black. The stool features a streamlined ultra-modern style with a smooth compact design; this versatile piece is easily paired with other design pieces. No assembly is required. The stool measures 9L x 14W x 20H inches.About Zuo ModernZuo Mod designs products with a simple philosophy in mind: clean modern shapes combined with classic colors. All Zuo Mod products are put through rigorous processes to ensure quality materials and production ensuring that your item reaches you in top condition. Yet Zuo pieces are modestly priced for today's consumers. Zuo works to inspire a sense of value and worth along with the significance of aesthetics. If it passes the wow this feels solid test along with the this looks amazing and the what a great price test you know it's a Zuo product.
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