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Pointed Finial Garden Statue
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Pointed Finial Garden Statue

Give your landscape an artistic touch with this finely crafted Giant Pointed Finial. Each Finial is hand carved original. This labor-intensive process is irreproducible by other means. This ensures the unique distinction of every piece. Finials have a longtime history in Gothic architecture. This sensational look can be yours within the boundary of your backyard. This impressive piece is made of quality Asian Mahogany or Chomchi valued for its resistance to decay and ease of carving. Elements of nature such as insects and aggressive weather are no match for this piece. It develops a beautifully antiquated look. The smoothly shaped finial comes to a crowning point for a look of elegance. Place it at the base of a staircase or entranceway for added sophistication. There's no wrong place to put this priceless work of art. The Giant Pointed Finial improves upon nature for a garden fresh look.
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