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Polished Gold Bell
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Polished Gold Bell

When you see a "ride bell" such as this Polished Gold Bell on a biker's motorcycle you should know that it's more than just a pretty decoration. Ask any rider and they'll tell you the tale of the mysterious Evil Road Spirits. These spirits or "gremlins" are one of life's mysteries for which there is no explanation; they live on motorcycles and they love to ride. Gremlins can be blamed for a dead battery a broken turn signal and for the hundreds of other unexplained mishaps.Fortunately these evil road spirits can't live in the presence of a bell! The gremlins get trapped in the hollow and because their hearing is extremely sensitive and they can't stand the confined space the ride bell drives them crazy and they lose their grip. Some say that when a gremlin falls from the bell a pothole is formed.Legend has it that if a ride bell is given as a gift by a friend or loved one its power is greatly increased. Any rider would appreciate such a generous gesture!
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