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STC E2B Poly 6 x 10 ft. Greenhouse
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STC E2B Poly 6 x 10 ft. Greenhouse

The Easy2Build Poly Greenhouse is quick and easy to Assemble. This greenhouse features: Heavy Gauge Extruded Aluminum 6 mil polyethylene cover- good for three years (93% light penetration) Easy Lock fastening system for 6 mil. polyethylene sheets: Creates a Perfect Seal- for height quality temperature and humidity control Smart Vent System: 2 simple extraction vents included Large Adjustable Vents with mosquito netting optional Ground Stakes Real Door- No velcro or zipper but a proper hinged door No Base Necessary Very Sturdy!! Very easy to read pictured assembly instructions 2-4 hours to assemble Patented connectors push & click Corrosion Free Materials Requires only a Phillips Screwdriver and a pair of Pliers Made in Israel
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