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Polyester U.S. Flag & Telescoping Flagpole Set
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Polyester U.S. Flag & Telescoping Flagpole Set

A High-Tech Flagpole with a Beautiful Flag! Included in the set is our 3 x 5 polyester American flag and the 20 foot Telescoping Flagpole. Polyester flags are excellent for industrial and institutional use because of their strength and durability. They are also the best option if you plan to fly your flag at home on a regular basis or in windy conditions. The telescoping flagpole is an all aluminum flagpole with advanced technology. It's rope free so there are no tangles to worry about and it won't rust! A convenient flick of a spring release button extends or retracts the flagpole in seconds.Standard Pole Fittings Include:Polycarbonate swivel rings including a double flag harness which allows you to fly two flagsGold aluminum ball ornamentClear polycarbonate collar which is designed to fit around the lowest button on the flagpole to prevent unauthorized raising or lowering. This collar can be secured with a nut and bolt assembly or small lock (not included)PVC foundation sleeve
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