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Ponderosa Pot Rack with Lights
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Ponderosa Pot Rack with Lights

The Ponderosa Pot Rack with Lights is completely hand-forged from solid iron. The design of pinecones branches and tufts of straw is delicately crafted and then given a 14-stage finish to create the Ponderosa look which resembles natural tree bark. Because of this detailed process each pot rack differs slightly from the others making them one of a kind. This rack has a center grid designed to look like twigs which can be used to hang pots and pans with the included 10 hooks. Two 50-watt R20 downlights cast a warm glow over your workspace and give your kitchen an inviting ambiance. This rack also comes with 8 feet of chain and 10 feet of wire. Please note: Pot racks invite the addition of extra weight and should be considered heavy fixtures. As a result ceiling boxes may need additional re-enforcement depending on planned usage. Use only heat resistant items in or on the pot racks. Liquids especially water should never be used in or on the pot racks. The pot rack is offered in ponderosa finish only. The hanging weight of this pot rack without any pots is 20 lbs. Learn How To Hang This Pot Rack With OurPot Rack Hanging Guide
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