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Pony Coat Rack
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Pony Coat Rack

The adorable Pony Coat Rack will surely become your child's best friend. Shaped like a lovable pony this white coat rack is spotted with colorful polka dots and has four pegs to hang little coats jackets sweaters and hats. The charming Pony Coat Rack not only keeps clothes organized it also doubles as a bench with a backrest. Your little one's going to love this beautiful and versatile coat rack. About Teamson Design Corp.Teamson is a wholesale gift and furniture company based in Edgewood N.Y. Known for their wide selection of products Teamson has been providing for customers since 1997 and produces high quality items that are sure to delight you and your family. Trust in Teamson for all of your home decor furniture and gift-giving needs.
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