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Pooch Pal 12 Volt Heated Pet Bed
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Pooch Pal 12 Volt Heated Pet Bed

Prepare for chilly nights on the road with the Pooch Pal 12 Volt Heated Pet Bed. This waterproof heating pad provides warmth and comfort for your pet while traveling in cars or trailers or resting in dog crates on cold days. Once it's plugged in the pet bed quickly reaches 105-108 degrees Fahrenheit and continues to maintain that temperature. Because it only draws 15 watts of power you can safely use it all night long. The heavy-duty cord measures 14 feet long and plugs into a cigarette lighter. You can also use this heated dog bed to warm a chilly bench car seat during winter.About Akoma Dog ProductsSince Akoma designed their first Hound Heater in 1988 the company has continued to grow and develop safe and reliable products for dogs. Always improving their designs Akoma exercises an active commitment to providing dog owners with products that install easily and keep their pets safe. Akoma is located in Big Lake Minn.
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