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Porch Swing Cover
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Porch Swing Cover

About This Swing Seat Cover This durable cover protects your porch swing and frame. Made of UV-coated and rot-resistant polyethylene for long-lasting protection during the off-season. You can even use this as a wind break while in your swing. A zipper and eyelets with cord secure this cover to your swing frame.About BosmereFor over 25 years the Bosmere group has been established in the world of home garden and leisure. Bosmere manufactures original ideas and designs that are built to stand the test of time. One mark of their superior quality is that 20 to 30 percent of their business is exported to a world market that demands top quality service customer support and competitive pricing. Established in North America for over 15 years Bosmere has been serving the entire country and also sends wholesale goods to Canada Central and South America. Part of their focus on outstanding customer service includes products that are attractively packaged and well presented with informative instructions diagrams and photographs.
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