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Portable InfaRed Patio Heater
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Portable InfaRed Patio Heater

Heat a radius of up to 20 feet with this powerful free standing propane unit. Putting out 50000 BTUs per hour your guests stay comfortable. The electric piezo spark igniter makes for fast and easy starts. A remote starter is also available. Use the variable gas control to intensify or turn down heat output. Choose from either a 20 or 30 lb. tank that will burn for up to 12 hours and stays out of sight inside the base canister. Solid construction makes this heater a fine patio enhancement. Propane tank not included.Propane has a tendency to crystallize in weather below 40 degrees. Your heater may be used in this weather but it may not get as hot or run as efficiently. NO harm will be done to your heater if used in weather below 40 degrees
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