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Portugal Bench
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Portugal Bench

Elaborately detailed the Portugal Bench has a mid 18th Century Rococo design that will spark the interest of any visitor. The wood frame features intricate carvings of shells acanthus leaves and vines. A hand-woven cane seat adds a unique natural touch that may be unexpected. Imagine how this bench will enhance your foyer or formal living room.About Furniture Classics Ltd.Based in Norfolk VA Furniture Classics Ltd. is dedicated to producing authentic solid wood antique reproduction furniture. The Furniture Classics line of furniture comprises pieces that complement each other to ensure a cohesive look in your home. In addition each piece of furniture has been designed to be able to stand alone and blend in with today's modern eclectic decor allowing every customer to enjoy the beauty of antique style. By combining traditional construction techniques with modern innovations Furniture Classics is able to create high-quality sturdy pieces that have the beauty and longevity to become true family heirlooms.
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