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Posh and Pink Pet Tent
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Posh and Pink Pet Tent

The Posh and Pink Pet Tent may be a little over the top but that's the point for anyone who wants to pamper their little princess. A pink fabric cover comes complete with a pink and brown feather boa and a jewel-encrusted brown spire creating the perfect palace for your darling diva! When your dog or cat enters their tent and nestles down on the their special pillow they will feel safe secure and comfortable. This bed features a raised sleeping area to protect your pet from drafts and cold floors while the canopy shields your pet from harsh lights and loud noises. It is lightweight and easy to move. Assembly is quick and simple with no tools required. The Pet Tent is crafted from the finest materials available and built for years of performance. For cleaning simply remove the machine-washable pillow cover and wash periodically. Vacuum the tent canopy regularly and dry clean as needed.
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