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Potomac Lighted Pot Rack
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Potomac Lighted Pot Rack

The Potomac Pot Rack with Lights is hand forged from iron in detailed textures and gracefully curving wisps. Six 60 watt candelabra base lights 2 R20 50 watt down lights 10 pot hooks 4 stems four 4 foot lengths of chain and 8 feet of wire are included. The hanging weight of this pot rack without any pots is 23 pounds. This pot rack is finished in Tortoise Shell. Please note: Pot racks invite the addition of extra weight and should be considered heavy fixtures. As a result ceiling boxes may need additional re-inforcement depending on planned usage. Use only heat resistant items in or on the pot racks. Liquids especially water should never be used in or on the pot racks. Learn How To Hang This Pot Rack With OurPot Rack Hanging Guide
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