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Power Backyard Volleyball Set
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Power Backyard Volleyball Set

POLESSet features two-section telescoping 1.625-inch O.D. anodize aluminum standards. Tubes are ribbed providing extra strength and less surface area for sand or dirt to jam together. Tubes telescope to men's or women's heights with double reinforced push button locking device. The pole has a 58-inch locking closed position. Net comes pre-attached on the poles. The net and poles can be rolled up together for convenient storage with a weight of 3.5(lbs.) each per pole. NETPower volleyball net with 2-inch by 13-oz. tapes all sides. Netting is a #27 knotted nylon weather treated and the net is 32 x 3-foot rope top & bottom. Four grommets on side tapes provided with tie cords and ¾-inch enclosed end dowel rods in vinyl. Bottom net rope cinched with 2-foot long ¼-inch bungee cord straps. ROPE GUYLINES & STAKESTwo ¼-inch yellow rope guylines per standard with large slide bar handles. The 12 x 3/8-inch galvanize steel nail stake attaches to a chain loop on each guyline for quick setup. A storage rack provided for quick setup and take down. BOUNDARY ROPEPre-measured ¼-inch rope boundary line with preformed loops at each corner. There is a small s-hook on one side of middle court to attach ends together. Four 5-inch steel pegs included to connect to each corner loop. The boundary comes with a storage rack for tangle free use. BAG1000-denier polyester carrying bag 59 x 9 x 8-inch has handles adjustable shoulder strap full zipper inside pocket and room for a ball.
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