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Ragar Mahogany Wood Glossy Finish Winder-Double
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Ragar Mahogany Wood Glossy Finish Winder-Double

Keep your watches safe and wound in this gorgeous RaGar Mahogany Wood Glossy-Finish Winder. Its sleek design in glossy mahogany finish with metal trim makes it attractive for display. Automatic (also known as self-winding) watches rely upon your movement to wind themselves while you wear them. Thus if you are not wearing a watch it is not winding itself. This winder holds three watches and mimics human movement so the watches will continue winding even when you aren't wearing them.This RaGar winder has wonderful features: ultra-quiet operation adjustment-free mounts that fit all styles and sizes of watches and laser-calibrated rotor alignments. It also features an integrated circuit-smart winding system that allows you to customize the winder's mode and the Super-Metal Conductor Motor provides optimal winding and durability. An auto-stop function ensures that the winder stops when the watch case is opened. And you will save money on watch batteries: RaGar's Power Conserve Circuits extend battery life to 12 months.The RaGar Mahogany Wood Glossy-Finish Winder is constructed for durability stability and performance. RaGar's unique antibacterial design prevents moisture and mold buildup both inside and outside your watches. Requires two D batteries or AC adapter (not included). Dimensions: 9.75L x 8.25W x 6.5H inches.For more than a decade RaGar Company Inc. has provided competitively priced excellent quality packaging and giftware to the jewelry watch and cosmetic industries. RaGar has produced outstanding results for retail customers on behalf of Coca Cola Merle Norman Cosmetics and American Express and has created custom packaging for the presentation of championship rings for several professional sports teams. In addition to its catalog items RaGar offers extensive custom packaging and giftware in many mediums including exotic hardwoods faux leather ultra suede and molded plastic. RaGar is dedicated to making customers happy with the company and its products with the goal of developing a long-standing relationship with customers as their packaging and giftware partner.
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