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Rapid Wine Chiller-Silver-Tailgater
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Rapid Wine Chiller-Silver-Tailgater

The Rapid Wine Chiller takes the guesswork out of chilling your favorite wine and chills faster than other wine chillers and frozen gel sleeves. It is excellent for chilling your 750ml wine bottles to the desired serving temperature in minutes: 1 minute to chill to 60°F 3.5 minutes to chill to 50°F and 6 minutes to chill to 40°F. Special features include a NO SPIN option for chilling delicate wine or carbonated beverages and an EXTRA option for chilling drinks to an ice-cold 33°F on those really hot days. Both a 120V plug and an extra long 12-foot 12V DC plug are included to make chilling your preferred beverage simple at home or away. The Rapid Chiller only uses a small 30 watt draw and is easy to start up: simply add ice cubes and water plug in and choose your chill settings on the touchpad timer it stops automatically when done.
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