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Shelti Foos 400 Foosball Table
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Shelti Foos 400 Foosball Table

The only difference between the Shelti Foos 400 and Shelti's top tournament models is a handful of cost-saving construction details. Primarily the cabinet wall is protected by a melamine shell instead of high-pressure laminate and the rods are chrome-plated (QPQ-treated rods and 4 x 6-inch legs are optional). Still it has all the ball capturing maneuvering and power-shooting ability that the foosball-playing world has come to prize. It gives top players the precision features they need to fully orchestrate their skills and at the same time provides even beginning players with the tools needed to properly develop their skills. This table is available in a residential or commercial model. The commercial model includes the same cabinet but 4 x 6-inch heavy duty legs and black powder coated rods that hold up to hard use. And note these fine features:Precisely Sized & Angled Foot880-tooth grip consistently 3/16-inch atop the field for optimum ball capture and control front & back. Sharp foot edge allows for controlled bank shots.Unique Lock-On-Men Compression BumpersWon't walk on rod. Natural rubber cushions playfield walls.Counterbalanced MenStay parked anyplace within 360 degrees.High Strength Automotive-Grade ABS Construction MenReinforced stress points computer-tested at ball speeds over 100 mph.Machine-Trued Hollowed Steel RodsGround and polished steel with .120-inch thick walls and chrome-plating. Mirror-Finish Chrome Plated Steel RodsTriple-plating of copper nickel and final bright chrome. Smooth action durable.Hardened Melamine Encased Oiled Cherry ExteriorChip & mar resistant fine furniture appearance. Triple-Fastened Premium Grade 1 1.2-inch Thick Fiberboard (MDF) Construction on Bushing WallsScrewed doweled and adhesive-welded to hold form. MDF provides strength heft and straightness.Side Ball ReturnRetrieve balls from a play position.1 1.2-inch Thick Nylon-6 Rod BushingsLong-wearing natural lubricity. Rods ride on just 4 points on the interior bushing surface—deters rod binding when pressure is applied to handles during play.Rattle Board with Aluminum Pan3-Man GoalieFull field play. Double-Wound Spiral PinsLock men & handles to rods. No slop. Hardwood Octagonal Handles Stay-In-Play Field TrimProvides very slight rise along playfield walls so balls can’t come to rest. Full-Perimeter Playfield SupportScrew-fastened to sides and under goal walls for consistently rigid/responsive play. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2 Legs Solid polymer with levelers. Ball Server with Ball Hold Recess Injection Molded Grit-Abraded Urethane BallsEnhanced ball control. Centerless ground for true roll.1-Year Top to Bottom Limited Warranty.
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