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Single Beam Pot Rack
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Single Beam Pot Rack

The Single Beam Pot Rack by Bago Luma can be placed in the middle of a room over a kitchen island or against a wall or window. Made of hand forged wrought iron this elegant pot rack is available in your choice of finishes to match any decor. The Crackle finishes are made with a multi-step process where the topcoat color shrinks away from the base color forming uneven cracks and peeling of the surface areas. This simple and versatile pot rack will fit perfectly into the scheme of any kitchen. This pot rack is shown in Crackle White with the Scrolled Extenders. * Note: Brackets and Extenders not included and must be purchased separately. Please view Related Items for suggestions.Learn How To Hang This Pot Rack With OurPot Rack Hanging GuideAbout Bago LumaBago Luma has built a reputation for creating hand-forged iron furniture and components that truly blend design and function. Each piece is designed exclusively for Bago Luma by owner and founder Judy Deaton. Using Old World craft methods these fresh designs are then transformed into product that combines the best of both new and old. Iron rods and bars are painstakingly shaped by hand using traditional hand-forged methods that have been passed down for centuries. The look is decidedly oversized deliberately rustic yet elegant in design. Their collections include furnishings for home and garden as well as commercial applications. The Bago Luma line is perfect for adding those decorative accents to your home while still being able to customize to the current decor.
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