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Somerset Verdigris Solar Bird Bath Fountain
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Somerset Verdigris Solar Bird Bath Fountain

Certain to please with an elegant verdigris bowl resting upon a sturdy wrought iron stand the Somerset Solar Verdigris Bird Bath Water Fountain is a lovely choice. This fountain operates in direct sunlight using a solar panel to power a low-voltage water pump. It requires no wiring; simply install and enjoy. As it uses the power of the sun there are no operating costs. The two-year warranty guarantees long-lasting quality. Birds are attracted to the sounds of splashing water and moving water does not become stagnant; therefore mosquitoes are less likely to lay eggs in the water fountain. You can leave the bird bath out year-round; simply remove the pump and solar panel for storage. The 2-inch bathing depth holds approximately 1 to 1.5 gallons of water. The solar panel sits in the bowl of the bird bath. Due to the fact that clouds have a filtering effect on the sun the panel may not operate or operate efficiently on cloudy days. But birds will continue to enjoy the birdbath regardless of the weather. And you'll appreciate the tranquil beauty this birdbath brings to your garden area. Click here for frequently asked questions about Solar Bird BathsAbout Smart SolarDriven by a strong belief in the environmental benefits of solar power and the realization that consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware with an interest in buying solar-powered products Smart Solar was created in 2003. Based near Oxford in the U.K. Smart Solar has offices in the U.S. and Germany and a manufacturing facility in Thailand. Smart Solar offers products including solar pumps water features lights ventilators chargers and specialty garden items. With such a wide range of solar-powered products Smart Solar uses an equally wide range of materials to make them including terra cotta ceramic copper slate glass aluminum resin and stainless steel. With an eye for fulfilling future consumer needs and a heart for preserving the environment Smart Solar is devoted to developing innovative high-quality and dependable solar-powered products.
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