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Steiner 10x50 Night Hunter XP Binoculars
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Steiner 10x50 Night Hunter XP Binoculars

Steiner 10x50 Nighthunter XP Binoculars are the ultimate combination of brightness and power giving you the double-digit power you need in open country with unparalleled low light performance you'd expect from larger heavier binoculars. Rugged long-lasting armoring: The XP Night Hunters features new NBR Long-Life Armoring that will last over two times longer than conventional rubber coverings yet it retains a comfortable grip and slip-proof feel for the user. They're built for several lifetimes of rugged use constructed to U.S. military specification standards for shock fog and waterproof performance and include a 30-year warranty.Water-repellent NANO-protected lenses: The Night Hunter XP Binoculars now feature water repelling NANO-Protection lenses on the outer objective and ocular lenses to prevent adhesion of water and moisture to the lens surface greatly reducing fogging so water and snow just slide off of the objective and ocular lenses. Waterproof and submersible these rugged binoculars are purged and uniquely over-pressurized with Nitrogen to 7 psi. The NANO-Protected exterior lens coating on both the front and rear lenses readily repels any water and moisture condensation. Dirt dust and debris are easily cleaned from the NANO-coated lens surfaces when flushed with water and hand-shaken dry.Sports Auto-Focus system: The Nighthunter XP Binoculars incorporate the exclusive Steiner Sports Auto-Focus system. Once set for the user's eyes the binocular keeps all objects in focus at distances from approximately 20 yards to infinity. Because of the greater depth of field in the Steiner Porro-prism design the focus feature allows the observer to pre-focus at a selected distance in twilight and know that the binoculars will remain in focus in dim light when it would be impossible to focus the binocular in a normal manner. With the one time Sports Auto-Focus system you won't have to worry about focusing in low light: everything will be in focus once initially set for your eyes. High-definition optics: Steiner's Nighthunter XP binoculars feature a unique combination of precision crafted optical glass coated with our exclusive HD High Definition broad band lens coating built into a high performance and rugged body that is especially made for high light transmission. The internal stray light reducing baffle system makes the binoulars brighter than any other binoculars. Eyecups and Clic-Loc attachment system: Three different pairs of eyecups are included with the new Night Hunter XP Binoculars. These eyecups will aid users who customarily view with prescription glasses or who prefer the sidelight protection of profiled or winged eyecups or just require an extended eye relief. Each Nighthunter XP includes a comfortable Neoprene carry strap with the fast Clic-Loc attachment system. A rain guard fits over the eyepieces and attaches to the strap so that rain snow dirt and debris will not find its way into the eyecups. On the front of the binoculars are protective objective lens caps which can be removed or reattached easily and quickly. The Nighthunter XP includes a padded protective case made with heavy duty ballistic nylon. The case also features a strap for easy carrying. The Nighthunter XP binoculars come with a Clic-Loc Neck Strap. A Clic-Loc cross-back shoulder harness is also available. About SteinerFrom its humble post-WWII beginnings Steiner has become one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality optics. Optics pioneer Karl Steiner established Steiner Optik GmbH in 1947 offering products from small cameras to binoculars and special lenses. As the company grew it increasingly focused its production on professional high-quality binoculars. Steiner innovations include rubber armoring the first binoculars ever with an integrated compass the first binocular with special optical coating to protect against harmful UV radiation the pocket-size binocular and the new Predator lens coating to increase contrast of animals against wooded backgrounds. Today Karl Steiner's son Carl continues to strengthen and develop the company's position as a world leader in binocular production utilizing the highest level of technology and setting high standards for future products with all binocular manufacturers. Steiner is located in Moorestown N.J.
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