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Strawberry Terra Cotta Jar - Set of 2
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Strawberry Terra Cotta Jar - Set of 2

The Strawberry Terra Cotta Jar - Set of 2 is the ideal way to grow strawberries separate from the rest of your garden. Most gardeners know that strawberry plants have a tendency to take over the ground space often at the expense of other plants so keeping them separate is a convenient and stylish solution. These jars keep growth controlled so that you can enjoy succulent berries throughout the growing season without time-consuming landscaping work. Simply plant water and enjoy. Available in your choice of sizes these jars are constructed of stylish terra cotta and will naturally weather to give it a unique aged look. Choose from various sizes; you will receive two planters in the size you select.SIZE DIMENSIONS:Dimension DefinitionsHeight(H): Measurement from top to bottomDiameter(Dia): Measurement across the opening1 Gallon - 6 in. Planter 6 diam. x 10H inchesBase Diameter: 6 inchesWeight: 4 lbs.2 Gallon - 8 in. Planter 8 diam. x 12H inchesBase Diameter: 8 inchesWeight: 7 lbs. 3 Gallon - 9 in. Planter 9 diam. x 13H inchesBase Diameter: 9 inchesWeight: 11lbs.About ClayA popular choice for indoor/outdoor decorations like statues and planters stoneware clay is a naturally-occurring mineral substance with high water content. Clay hardens when dried or fired resulting in a durable natural material that's incredibly beautiful and practical. For centuries stoneware clay has been the material of choice for handmade pottery and other household items due to its durability and ease of use.About Burley ClayLocated in Roseville Ohio Burley Clay Products has manufactured garden pottery and bird baths since 1933. Proudly designed by craftsmen in a range of styles from traditional to modern and sophisticated Burley's planters are produced using reliable methods spanning from high-tech hydraulics to age-old handmade molding. The key to their quality lies in the fact that at Burley Clay the artisans understand their materials as well as the needs of their customers; the result is high-quality long-lasting planters that stand the tests of time and weather. Burley Clay planters are proudly made in America and sold across the United States and Canada.
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