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Swarovski 10x32 EL Traveler Binoculars
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Swarovski 10x32 EL Traveler Binoculars

This Swarovski EL binocular is the universal distance viewer for both day light or dusk. The Swarovski 10x32 EL Binoculars feature a state-of-the-art newly designed optical system that gives intense sharpness of image and totally natural color reproduction. Unique slender tubes allow a wrap-around grip and everything comes immediately into view with one hand free!These binoculars come with an easy-to-use Swarovski SnapShot camera adapter. Simply twist out one eyecup put on the adapter and screw it tightly to the binocular. Then turn your camera on put it into the adapter and screw it tight. The binocular becomes a telephoto lens enabling you to capture priceless shots in the field. Optics:New Easy-to-Clean external coating for lenses which makes it considerably easier to clean objective and ocular lenses. Thanks to improved cleaning the lenses need less intensive attention to achieve maximum clarity. This considerably increases the longevity of optical products.Newly designed highest light transmission optics for high contrast and natural color reproduction even at dusk. Optimum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum with unique prism coating SWAROBRIGHT.Wide-angle eyepiece for an extra large field of view. An optimized roof prism system with P-coating.Weight:Extremely lightweight perfect balance and ergonomic thumb depressions for comfortable long-term viewing.Focusing:Extremely lightweight perfect balance and ergonomic thumb depressions for comfortable long-term viewing.Close focusing from 2.5 m (8 ft) to infinity. The adjustment wheel's broad grooves and quick accessibility make it easy to handle even with gloves.Dioptric correction system is integrated in the focusing wheel. Pull out to adjust.Usability:Patented design and easy-grip focusing wheel. Very easy to handle even with one hand.Separately adjustable twist-in eyecups allow a full field of view even for spectacle wearers. Easily removable for cleaning.Robustness:Airtight dustproof and watertight to a depth of 4 m (13 ft.). No fogging due to nitrogen filling. Extremely durable and lightweight housing of magnesium alloy an aerospace material. Non-slip rubber armoring which is comfortable to handle even in cold weather.About Swarovski OptikA world leader in the manufacture of precision sports optics Swarovski Optik was founded in 1949 and continues to build on its established reputation for superior quality. Swarovski Optik binoculars telescopes rifle scopes range finders and image intensifier and optronic devices are the preferred choice of many professional users and discerning nature watchers around the globe.The company's success is based on two key pillars: an unparalleled track record of blending technical innovation with functional and aesthetic design across its award-winning product range and a core philosophy that embraces a deep respect and appreciation for nature. The latter is evidenced by Swarovski Optik's active support for nature protection projects and the implementation of environmentally sound production practices. Management recognized early on that the company's core product is in fact providing customers with the ability to enjoy remote natural wonders up close and personally. Headquartered in Absam in the Austrian state of Tyrol Swarovski Optik is part of the Swarovski Group and is present on five of the world's continents.
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