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Tao Espresso Jewelry Box
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Tao Espresso Jewelry Box

A jewelry box of admirable style the Tao Espresso Jewelry Box will make a delightful gift for a special woman. It features four drawers with specialized compartments two side cabinets and a top storage area. A wide rectangular mirror under the lift-up lid is one of the most outstanding features of this jewelry box. The mirror is inset deeply into the lid with fully lined sides surrounding the glass. This ensures that large jewelry items will not scratch the mirror even if they are taller than the crest of the storage compartments inside. This jewelry box is crafted from poplar durable wood composite and wood veneer which means it won't crack or warp like solid wood can over time. Fancy knob plates a decorative keyhole and carved slashes in the rounded base frame contribute to the enchanting style of this espresso-finished jewelry box. Storage compartments:The storage space beneath the lift-up lid is divided into three small sections and two medium sections. Several roll cushions span the space between the compartments offering padded space for rings and earrings.This jewelry box has four drawers. The top drawer has nine square compartments. The second drawer has four rectangular compartments. The third drawer has two large sections. The fourth drawer provides undivided space for larger pieces of jewelry like watches or brooches.In addition to its drawers this jewelry box offers two swing-out side cabinets each containing four hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets. Fully lined trays at the bottom catch necklace hoops and pendants holding them still and protecting them from scratches.All drawers are fully removable which allows you to carry them to another room to accessorize or to arrange the drawer order to suit your preference. The luxurious ivory lining is made of a velvet-like 100 percent cotton fabric to prevent scratching. This jewelry box also features magnetized cabinet closures for soft and secure closing as well as soft pads on the bottom to protect the top of your dresser or bedroom chest.
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