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Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector
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Tesoro Cortes Metal Detector

The Tesoro Cortes is a top of the line yet super easy to use detector. The Cortes combines user-friendly analog controls with state of the art digital signal processing to create an easy to use Target Identification Detector. The Cortes doesn't need several books or videos so you can unlock its secrets. Simply turn it on and you're ready to hunt. In the Discrimination Mode the Cortes uses a factory preset ground balance. So there is no need to fiddle with a bunch of controls. The simple and functional meter gives you extensive amounts of information to work with. The top row's alphanumeric read-out gives you target information in the broadest strokes.All targets fall into one of four categories: Iron or Foil; Nickel Pull Tab Ring; Zinc Penny Screw Cap; Copper Cent Silver Coin. This brief information leads you to the lower row's more detailed data. The most prominent feature on the lower row is a nine segment bar graph. It shows all of the information that the detector saw during the complete sweep of the coil. Full sweep data is helpful in determining possible treasure/trash masking and odd-shaped iron. We have also added a peak signal ID Number. The Cortes displays the largest part of the signal as a two digit number from 0 to 95. Iron reads as 0 and copper and silver coins read 95. By clearly defining the two ends of the scale we were able to put higher resolution into the middle range. This is the area where pull tabs nickels and gold rings intermingle. By using the bar graph and peak ID number you are able to identify pull tabs and other trash that is native to your local area. Taking the time to learn these pesky targets will ultimately lead to better finds and less trash digging.To complement the digital display we have added two separate features. The first is a three-position notch filter discrimination. Notch filter discrimination allows you to knock out a portion of the trash targets without affecting other valuable targets. The second is the Sum Mode. While in the Sum Mode the Cortes averages coil sweeps and activates a multi-tone ID. In use the coil sweeps should be shortened to about 2 inches to 4 inches. As the microprocessor compiles the target data the ID tones change. When the tones stop changing the Cortes displays the most accurate target identification available.For the more experienced user who may be searching for treasure in tougher surroundings the Cortes offers an All Metal Mode that has a fully adjustable ground balance which can be tuned to meet almost any soil condition imaginable. While in the All Metal Mode the display continues to show all target information.From the beginner to the pro the Cortes is able to meet the needs of any detectorist. Simple analog controls easy to read digital meter preset or manual ground balance all housed in a package that weighs less than three pounds with batteries.Additional Features:Preset or manual ground balanceVLF 10 kHz frequencyDrop-in battery packsInterchangeable coilsLess than 3 lbs with batteries9-inch x 8-inch concentric coilLifetime warranty
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