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Versare 7 Foot 2 Inch Wide StraightWall Mobile Room Divider
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Versare 7 Foot 2 Inch Wide StraightWall Mobile Room Divider

A smart solution for creating an efficient work environment this sliding partition can adjust to a variety of spaces. The Versare 7 Foot 2 Inch Wide StraightWall Mobile Room Divider expands to any length (up to 7 feet 2 inches) without flexing panels to make it fit. The revolutionary patent-pending telescoping design allows you to make the most of your facility's space while remaining versatile for a variety of applications. The three panels simply slide into one another in series to form a straight wall of the perfect length. Patent-pending slides made of UHMW (Ultra-High Molecular Weight) polyethylene with aluminum covers allow for years of smooth operation and they adjust to uneven floors without the need for fragile adjustable caster bases offered by less versatile systems.The 7-Foot 2-Inch StraightWall is made with extruded aluminum panel frames joined by unique cast aluminum corner joints which provide superior strength and durability. This top-quality aluminum construction is strong but lighter than partitions made with steel frames. Each panel is covered with a noise-reducing fully tackable surface that makes it easy to post signage calendars or other documents. Full panel end members increase acoustical properties by trapping sound and create a finished look when used as an entrance.Non-marking low profile casters provide low clearance which reduces noise and creates a lower center of gravity. All casters are under the panels and do not stick out to the sides like other systems. Used alone or in conjunction with a Versare Room Divider Mobile Partition the StraightWall will give you the flexibility and portable convenience you need for your business.This innovative StraightWall room divider ships fully assembled with no lose parts and carries a three-year manufacturer's warranty. It's available in a variety of heights fabrics and colors to suit your personal preference or your company's needs. The fabric options include Seaway Terratex and vinyl. Seaway is made from olefin and acrylic. Terratex is a durable environmentally friendly fabric made from 100% recycled polyester (mostly derived from post-consumer pop bottles) or other renewable materials. All fabrics are durable and appropriate for commercial settings.Special Features:Extendable Sliding Mechanism allows the partition to extend in a straight line while accommodating fluctuations in floor flatness.Patented Full Panel End Member gives the partition stability in all configurations.Transport Lock holds the divider in the folded position while moving it from location to location.Unit-to-Unit Connectors join additional units together to form longer partition walls.All Aluminum Frame Construction is made of extruded aluminum profiles joined with cast aluminum corners for lightweight strength and durability.3-inch Dual Wheel Locking Casters on the full panel end members hold the partition securely in position.Acoustical Panels with Tackable Surfaces trap sound and make it easy to post signage or other documents.Partition Tops accept hooks allowing you to hang objects such as artwork photos and dry erase boards over the top of each partition.Unit-to-Unit Connectors are included should you decide to join additional units together to form longer partition walls.About VersareVersare Portable Products is a cutting-edge corporation that specializes in the manufacture marketing and distribution of portable products designed for efficient space utilization. Schools churches offices hotels arenas homes and commercial facilities continue to benefit from the versatile designs of Versare's portable partitions blockaids boardrooms and wallbeds. Versare (named for the Latin word for versatile) was selected by Inc Magazine's Inc 5000 as one of the nation's fastest growing companies in 2006 and 2007. Versare is located in Minneapolis Minn.
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