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VoiceQuilt Executive Keepsake with 60 Minutes of Phone Time
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VoiceQuilt Executive Keepsake with 60 Minutes of Phone Time

What a blessing it will be for your loved one to know every day how much you care. The VoiceQuilt Executive Keepsake with 60 Minutes of Phone Time is a beautifully handcrafted wooden jewelry box with a high-gloss ebony and burl wood finish. It operates just like a music box but plays personalized messages from family and friends instead of music every time the lid opens. The black felt-lined interior can store jewelry as well as photos and small mementos. Whether it's for a parent grandparent or close friend this keepsake is truly a gift to be cherished for a lifetime. If you want to give this creative keepsake as a Christmas gift this year it can be customized with an attached engraved brass plaque that reads Christmas 2008.How does it work? This keepsake box is delivered with classical Christmas songs plus a coupon for 60 minutes of toll-free phone time that you your family and friends can use to record personal messages greetings memories or tributes for that special recipient. This provides enough phone time for 10–15 messages (depending on call length) and you can add more phone time if you need it. Once all the voice messages are recorded choose a “best hits” list of voice messages and it will be sent to you FREE as a replacement memory card for the keepsake box.When your loved one receives the keepsake box he or she can listen to the messages by simply lifting the lid and pressing the easy-to-use buttons for previous message next message and volume level. As your loved one listens to the memories and messages over and over it will be like hearing the kind words and funny stories all over again even when relatives and friends are far away. What a wonderful way to show loved ones that they are cherished.Nationally recognized product. VoiceQuilt has gained both local and national media attention appearing in Atlantan Magazine and NBC's Today Show. In 2007 VoiceQuilt was named one of the Top 40 Innovative Companies by the Technology Association of Georgia. In 2006 VoiceQuilt founder Hope Flammer was selected top finalist in Whirlpool's National Mother of Invention Contest.A few notes about the recording process: After you order your VoiceQuilt Keepsake you'll need to follow a few simple steps in order to prepare this remarkable gift for your loved one. Ask friends and family members to call a toll-free number and record greetings memories toasts and tributes.Visit the easy-to-use website and listen to the recorded voice messages online.Create a best hits playlist of your favorites. You will be given tools to help you label messages and create the playlist.After VoiceQuilt loads your selected messages to a VoiceQuilt Memory Card they will ship it to you for free.Insert the memory card into the keepsake box you ordered.Put photos or other small mementos into the box if desired.Ship or deliver the keepsake box to your loved one.About VoiceQuiltThe creators of VoiceQuilt help you create an electronic collection of greetings and memories (a VoiceQuilt) that will delight your gift recipient and remain a meaningful gift for years to come. Their goal is for families and groups to easily celebrate a special person or couple by gathering actual expressions laughter and tone and recording them inside artistically designed keepsakes. VoiceQuilt is a small business located in Marietta Ga.
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