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Wall Mount Pet Door with EasyLock Security
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Wall Mount Pet Door with EasyLock Security

The Wall Mount Pet Door with Easylock Security is manufactured with a sturdy acrylic security panel housed inside a high-density plastic frame. This designer-friendly wall-mount pet door allows for creative applications that accentuate the look of your home. This pet door features an extremely flexible lightweight canvas-coated rubber flap which is completely safe and easy for your pet to use. There are no mechanical moving or metal parts that can pinch or cut your pet. While the plastic pet flaps on inferior pet doors will warp or crack due to weathering our durable thermal flap will not.The door flap is made from durable rubber material which is coated with thermal canvas to provide superior insulation for your home. This marine-grade flap is highly abrasive-resistant and cleans easily with a non-detergent cleanser. Furthermore pets will not be able to easily chew through this canvas material. The force of strategically placed magnets creates and maintains a wind-resistant seal. It is entirely self-sealing against the independent flexible jam which is lined with a high-energy rubber magnet.The Easylock Security system is durable and easy to use. On the interior side of the door is a locking pin that holds the acrylic security panel in place. To unlock simply remove this pin place it into the knob on the acrylic panel and slide the panel up and out. This allows your pet to move in and out of the house through the insulated thermal-canvas flap.The two available sizes are Medium and Large. These flexible pet door flaps work great for pets of different sizes who share the same door. Choose a door that allows at least 1 inch of overhead clearance from your tallest pet's back while allowing enough bottom clearance for your shortest pet to pass through.Medium dimensions: (typically for pets up to 25 lbs.)Door: 11W x 15H inchesOpening: 6W x 10H inchesLarge dimensions: (typically for pets over 25 lbs.)Door: 16W x 22H inchesOpening: 11W x 17H inchesAbout Freedom Pet Pass ProductsThe safe single-flap patent-pending door systems created by Freedom Pet Pass seal tightly regardless of temperature and humidity. This keeps the outdoor weather outside of your home. Leaky pet doors are inefficient and contribute to higher energy bills. Expect more from your pet door. Freedom Pet Pass products will reduce energy consumption and help save you money on energy costs in the long run. All Freedom Pet Pass products are kennel-tested and veterinarian-approved. Proudly made in Michigan.
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