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Wood Chopper & Waterwheel -8 Day Musical Wall Clock
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Wood Chopper & Waterwheel -8 Day Musical Wall Clock

The incredible Wood Chopper Musical Cuckoo Clock is steeped in rustic charm throughout its sweeping scene. In front of a traditional country house a man works to make firewood for the winter as his faithful companion looks on. A wood pile a waterwheel and green shrubbery are just a few of the meticulous details that add to the authenticity of this piece. Up on the balcony happy couples pirouette hand in hand to the beautiful music that the cuckoo brings. Truly this is one for the ages.All the excruciating details are hand-crafted by skilled craftsmen in Germany who make every cuckoo clock in the traditional style. Hand-carved from Black Forest linden wood this clock features a face with stylized Roman numerals and scrolled hands in gold. Since these clocks are completely hand-crafted each own is its own unique work of art.This clock keeps accurate time with the faithful German mechanics inside. It operates on an eight-day cycle which begins when you pull down the decorative pinecones. Every hour on the hour a hand-carved cuckoo makes a musical appearance. This clock also offers a nighttime shutoff switch.Note: Clock alternately plays Edelweiss and The Happy Wanderer on the hour and half-hour.About River City Cuckoo ClocksAfter hundreds of years the popularity of the cuckoo clock remains undiminished. For many households it just isn't home without the wee cuckoo's cheery announcement of the passing hour. Since 1988 River City Clocks has continued to offer authentic German Cuckoo clocks to consumers worldwide. Each clock is a unique work of art hand-carved by master craftsmen from Black Forest linden wood where these clocks are thought to have originated.From the sweetly simple birdhouse style to the lavishly complex hunting or beer garden scenes all the clocks are made to exacting quality specifications to bring a tiny touch of Deutschland wherever they are hung. Though unseen the internal movements are also masterfully constructed for long lasting and trouble free enjoyment.River City has many styles from one day to eight day settings musical and night time shut off options. Whichever clock you choose for your home know that you are continuing a proud tradition of European craftsmanship and old world charm.
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