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Zeiss Victory FL 10x32 Binoculars
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Zeiss Victory FL 10x32 Binoculars

Zeiss Victory Series Binoculars - State-of-the-artFor people who do not want to make any compromises when it comes to optical performance and handling in the field. The state of the art Victory FL binoculars in this series use fluoride glass to offer optimum brilliance and color fidelity for authentic image rendition. Furthermore these binoculars feature maximum transmission values and minimum stray light levels so that they have amazing twilight performance. This is not just our opinion. Many trade journalists have noted the FLs' exceptional brilliance and twilight performance.Clearly the leading edge - Victory FL binocularsMaximum brightness contrast resolution and color fidelity light transmission of over 90% optimum edge-to-edge sharpness minimum chromatic aberration widest field of view with wide-angle eyepieces featured with the innovative LotuTec coating - these binoculars and their special lenses with fluoride-containing glasses (FL) amazingly can capture the smallest detail. Low weight as well as visual ease-of-use and exceptional handling in addition to the best optical image quality of its class make the Victory FL unbeatable.LotuTec Protective layer for a crystal clear viewLotuTec is an effective protection coating for eyepiece and objective lenses - thus offering sharper viewing. The coating remarkably reduces soiling of the lens with its strong repelling effect. A principle of nature was the catalyst of this invention: the Lotus leave effect. It describes the water-repelling propery of surfaces to simply repel water drops and dirt.Zeiss specialists were able to apply this principle to the optical glass: a water drop touches the coated surface with a much smaller contact area thus forming a ball that repels without leaving a trace. Oil smears and fingerprints adhere less and can be removed more quickly easily and free from trace - LotuTec makes the cleaning and caring for the lenses very easy. In addition the LotuTec coating is resistant abrasion-proof and aids in the reduction of scratches.
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