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Saitek Micro Travel Chess Computer
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Saitek Micro Travel Chess Computer

Slip the Saitek Micro Travel Chess Computer into your pocket and play it anywhere. With sleek modern styling and a funky touch screen a chess computer has never before been so easy to use and desirable. This is a perfect starting point for beginners yet it offers 50 different playing levels for variety and challenge to help you improve your game.Key features at a glance:50 playing levels: 45 fun and 5 casual-play competitionHints tips and coach mode availableMost major opening systems to learn64 study positions so you can see how the experts do it200-move Take Back and replay so you can experiment and learnSetup option lets you try out new positions and movesTouch-sensor screen has all on-screen action so there's no small pieces to moveLCD display lets you watch your game developStylus is housed integrallyProtective cover for added screen protectionBuilt-in chess clockUnfinished games are held in memory so you can pick up where you left offAutomatic power-down features saves battery lifeRequires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
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