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Saitek Master Chess Computer
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Saitek Master Chess Computer

With outstanding playing strength and 256 level settings the Saitek Master Chess Computer is the ideal choice for advanced chess players. It offers a combination of coaching features playing modes and setup options. This electronic chess game will offer variety and stimulation to keep your games interesting.Key features at a glance:64 playing levels: normal tournament speed chess fun infinite problem solving trainingVery strong program is ideal for advanced playersInfo mode lets you watch the computer as it thinks for extra insightCoach mode offers blunder and tactical warnings200-move take back gives you the opportunity to experimentSetup positions and problems for further studyHints are given when you ask the computer for a move suggestionAll major openings and many famous grandmaster moves storedOption to play against a friend with the computer as refereeSensory chess board offers simple error-free move entryLED board lights for clear move indicatorsPewter and silver effect pieces have a metallic look and feelPiece-storage compartment for safekeeping4-digit LCD displayBuilt-in chess clock to sharpen your skillsAutomatic power-down feature and power-management intelligence to conserve battery lifeUnfinished games held in memory so you can pick up where you left offUses 6 AA batteries (not included)AC/DC adaptor is included
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