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Weems and Plath Porthole Weather Station - Clock/Thermo/Hydro
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Weems and Plath Porthole Weather Station - Clock/Thermo/Hydro

The Porthole Weather Station makes an unforgettable gift for the sailor or boating enthusiast in your life. Give your loved on an edge on weather tracking with this remarkable three-in-one instrument a valuable asset for any ship. The design includes a clock with second-hand dial a dual thermometer and hygrometer and a barometer. The thermometer includes both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius scales while the hygrometer measures the percentage of humidity in the air. Part of the Porthole Desk Collection this weather station features a trio of high-quality nautical instruments set in solid North American hardwood. The brass finish porthole design and engraveable plate will never tarnish. This weather station comes complete with a 4-color gift box battery and instructions. It is backed by the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.About Weems & PlathFounded in 1928 Weems & Plath is a company steeped in the rich tradition of navigation. They offer a wide spectrum of precision instruments ranging from brass nautical clocks and barometers to binoculars and children's books. The company's dedication to providing the highest quality possible is evident in every step of the building process. From development to production Weems & Plath strives to be meticulous and offer exceptional service. The rich history and high standards of Weems & Plath will carry on into the future.
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